Why Do This?

ChrisCam3I started writing this blog to find my purpose in my family’s lifestyle change after my son was diagnosed with celiac disease. At first, I struggled to find my role. I am nowhere near my wife’s experience in the kitchen but I do have a degree in food microbiology. My son has the condition so I can only experience second-hand what he goes through. Every day, I want to learn about what is going on throughout the industry to help my son’s illness. I want to educate myself and others but do it from a Dad’s perspective.

So my role as an advocate was born. I’m third on the gluten-free totem pole in my family but that doesn’t mean that I can’t use our experiences and my words to help other Dads and parents of teens realize that we are still important to the fragile psyche of our children who are struggling to understand why they are going through this. I want to share what we learn to help others and to ultimately make all things easier for my son. Through writing, recipes and other’s insights, I hope to accomplish just that.



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