The Teen’s GF Pizza Picks

Part of the idea for this blog was to also get feedback on the Gluten Free experience from my 12-year old son’s perspective occasionally. He’s now been on his strict diet for over four months and we rely on his opinion to tell us what he thinks tastes good, what he wants again, what reacts poorly with his system, etc. Before his diagnosis, he was your typical pre-teen boy in that his diet wasn’t the most healthy and what he liked he ate a lot of. One of his favorites was, of course, pizza. Papa John’s was his “go to” but any type of pizza didn’t last long on his plate. So, now that his body has decided that pizza and other grains were not going to play nice any longer, we’ve been on the search for the best that he can eat.

I asked Cam to give me some his best and worst pizzas that he has found so far. These are strictly pizza company (take out style) of pizza. We have not done many frozen pizzas so we will not rate these. If you have a Celiac teen, share these opinions with them in hoping that they may find a brand that they may like but, mostly importantly, so they can make a connection and find out that they are not alone in going through this.

Automatically Disqualified:
1. Papa John’s – You were my favorite. You don’t have anything for me now. When can I get your pizza again?

2. Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Jet’s – Same reason.

3. Mellow Mushroom – It just reminded me of wet cardboard. It didn’t really taste like pizza.

4. BJ’s Brewhouse – Good service, pizza wasn’t bad but still not Papa John’s.

5. Donato’s – Tastes almost like their regular pizza. Crust is a little more chewy but other than that, it is a delicious pizza (Parent note: We get the take home and bake version as there can be cross-contamination at the local Donato’s when the pizza is cut.)
6. California Pizza Kitchen – Their new gluten free crust tasted like normal crust. We had the BBQ chicken. Looking forward to trying the pepperoni.


One thought on “The Teen’s GF Pizza Picks

  1. Kerry Sigman

    Romeo’s is horrible…. just an FYI… tastes like pizza on a fortune cookie crust and the toppings… ick! Can’t imagine I’d like it even if I could eat the gluten filled variety… Domino’s has a GF crust now.. haven’t tried it… Donatos uses UDI’s… and has been the best so far… but I also made a “crust” at home utilizing cauliflower that actually tasted good and the texture was great as well!!


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