Filling the Bottomless Pit

Do you remember when you were a teenager? OK, there are things that none of us want to remember from those crazy, hormone-inflicted, formative years but, specifically, do you remember how much you could eat? When I was a teen, I could eat a lot. Looking back, It’s almost scary to think about the types and amounts of food that I threw into my body during that time in my life. Well, my son is at that stage of his life right now. We can’t keep the boy fed. Four meals a day are the norm. Throw in extra-curricular activities and after-school workouts and his body is in a constant “I’m hungry” state.

Celiac’s has thrown a curve ball into this entire process of continuous crave and satisfy. For me, it was easy. Hungry? Grabbed a sandwich. Not full? Took another slice of pizza. Late night snack? Went to Taco Bell. He doesn’t have it that easy. As many of you know, gluten-free choices are non-existent at fast food restaurants. The opportunity to hit a drive thru on the way back from a workout is not an option. Grabbing a pizza for a Friday night can be more of a thought process than a fun activity.

In time, these things can change. New options may come about to help fill the seemingly bottomless pit of his stomach as easily as I used to in my youth. But until that happens, as parents, my wife and I need to be prepared for the constant requests for food. She does a great job already. Having cookies baked. Keeping a loaf of homemade bread ready so he can quickly grab a sandwich. Keeping a GF frozen pizza close by to pop in the oven. I can help her in making sure that we have ample supply for him at the ready but I’m still finding my role in this. Right now, it’s trying to be an advocate for Celiac’s and expressing the need for more choices and understanding of food sensitive lifestyles. My role is also to try to continue to educate myself about the entire GF/Celiac community so I can answer any questions when he asks. It is, right now, what I feel most comfortable doing.

Will this change? Sure it will. Everything changes as more research is done and strides are made.
Here’s to main stream pizza chains and fast food restaurants developing more options for Celiac’s during this time. For when they do, I know of one customer who is ready to eat.


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